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IIM Ahmedabad

The Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad), established in 1973, is a group that formed with the coalition of five entities - the governments at the centre and the state; the local industrialists; the Ford Foundation and the Harvard Business School.

IIM A has consistently been ranked as the number one management school in the country year after year over the past few years. Recently, The Economist has ranked IIM A at 56 among the top 100 international B-schools in the world that offer full time MBA. In 2008, IIM A also became the first business school in the country to be awarded EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation that certifies that the quality of IIM A's academic processes and programmes are at par with the best business schools globally.
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IIM Bangalore
The Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) was established along with its Ahmedabad counterpart in 1973. Its strategic management design being the same, its base of highly accomplished faculty, world class infrastructure and a motivated student body has emerged as one of the premier institutes for management education and research, promoting managerial excellence in the country. Even today, IIM B strives to achieve excellence through partnerships with industry, and leading academic institutions, the world over. Its mission is to build leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative education. A feature that sets IIM B apart from other B-schools is the carefully selected mix of students with diversity as a stated objective.

IIM Calcutta
The Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta) was established in November 1961 as the first national institute for post-graduate studies and research in management by the Government of India in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT); the Government of West Bengal; the Ford Foundation and the Indian industry. Over the past four decades, IIM Calcutta has blossomed into one of Asia's finest business schools and its strong ties to the business community make it an effective mechanism for the promotion of professional management practices in Indian organisations. The institute plays a pioneering role in academic courses and research and consulting activities.

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IIM Lucknow
The Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow) established in 1984, is a fully integrated global management school. Over the years, the guiding philosophy of the school has been creation of knowledge; influencing management practices and global integration with other institutions of high repute. The objectives of imparting education combined with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge are being met in an integrated form to create a synergetic impact. This truly global business school stands tall on the foundation of an excellent, committed and deeply knowledgeable faculty; innovative and unique pedagogical tools and an eclectic and diverse student community that has a burning desire to make new paths of its own.

IIM Indore
Established in 1996, the Indian Institute of Management (Indore), is the sixth in the prestigious IIM family of management schools. The institute was chosen to be set up in Indore to give an impetus to management education in central India and has ever since been acting as the pioneer in the field of management interfacing with the industry, the government sectors and the private sector units. IIM Indore's geographical proximity to the fastest growing industrial belt in India and the presence of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) around Indore provide the right environment for both - giving students a hands-on experience and enabling the industry to make use of the wealth of management expertise available in the institute.

IIM Kozhikode
The Indian Institute of Management (Kozhikode) was established in 1997 with a batch of 42 students but, it has grown tremendously the fastest-growing management school in the country. IIM K is also one of the few Centers for Development of digital libraries in the world and is a country leader in this perspective. The institute also has an incubation centre for excellence to help students from Scheduled Castes/Tribes students overcome their deficiencies in communication, personality, etc.

IIM Shillong
The Indian Institute of Management (Shillong) was established in 2008 with the aim of expanding and mobilising facilities for offering excellent quality management education and research in the north-eastern region of India. The institute aims to develop unbeatable leaders for an economically and ecologically sustainable society, with the help of a unique curriculum that comprises a mix of mandatory and elective courses, supplemented by specialised courses on industry sectors.

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