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  Mr. Aditya Vikram Birla's inspirational speeches
Striving for excellence
The real race for excellence is the one where you sprint against yourself, endeavour to outperform, raise the bar, time after time. Excellence is an ever moving target, averred Mr. Aditya Birla.
The challenge of change
In the light of the dramatic transformation of the economic and business environment, Mr. Aditya Birla examines its impact on Indian industry and suggests ways in which companies can meet the challenge of change.
Integrating the Indian economy with the global economy
Mr. Aditya Birla was conferred the "Management Man of the Year Award" in 1992, by the Bombay Management Association, the premier management association in the country. In a hard-hitting forward-looking speech, he identified the challenges which corporate India and the government needed to grapple with. Even today, his words ring true.
Let competition be afraid of us! We are not afraid of competition
Mr. Aditya Birla was an ardent advocate of liberalisation. At a conference organised by Euromoney magazine, he strongly endorsed the economic reforms implemented since 1991 and forcefully and eloquently outlined the new face of India. In a speech which will be long remembered, he called out to foreign investors to join hands in an equal partnership with Indian business and to take advantage of the unfolding opportunities. More than anything else, his words would come to symbolise the newfound confidence of the Indian entrepreneur.
Leap years ahead
Mr. Aditya Birla was an ardent advocate of professional management, which he equated with "good management". To him, it was the key driver of "progress, prosperity and economic health". At a function organised by the Madras Management Association to confer upon Mr. Aditya Birla "The Business Leadership Award for 1990", he voiced his views, lacing them with his experiences of Indian management and the present business environment. This speech will be long remembered, for his management wisdom had a prophetic ring.
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